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San Jose 100 LRV

Final Assembly

ALTECH provided all field personnel for final assembly, QA operations, material handling, and office support. The project required a mix of technical leads, mechanics, electronic techs, function testers, and QA inspectors.

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A Successful Conclusion

ALTECH provided all HR functions to the remote site located in Vallejo, CA, as well as providing field techs for final acceptance at the VTA location in San Jose, CA.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), San Jose, CA

Annual Ridership: 8,335,100

Project Timeline: 2002 – 2005

On-time completion

Our project was staffed and completed on time. ALTECH worked closely with our client to maintain the level of personnel required during the various stages of production. As production requirements changed, ALTECH provided scalability through skilled and administrative personnel, including:

  • Final assembly of 100 LRVs
  • Electro-mechanical services, QA/QC, function testing, material handling, and final acceptance


During our tenure on the project, these benchmarks were met or exceeded.

Retention Rate
Average Time to
Submission Per
Fill Rate

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