Services - Altech Services Inc.
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Staffing & Recruiting

Our service group helps to match the right individual with the right position.

Altech supports companies operating in the rail and bus industry nationwide across several disciplines.

Human Capital Management

We equip clients with the tools they need to provide a best-in-class work environment.

In today’s ultra-competitive market, a company’s ability to retain its talent often determines success.

Inspection / Vendor Surveillance

Safety and timely delivery are key components in the manufacturing industry.

Altech provides a variety of functions in inspection, including onsite quality assurance and vendor surveilance.

Project Management

We make your project goals our own to help you produce on-time delivery and and on-budget results.

As project managers, we use our skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team.

Corporate Real Estate

Location is key to the success of any organization.

Altech has a keen understanding of the various real estate needs of companies functioning within the industry.