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With unique expertise and focus within the transit industry, Altech offers on-site quality assurance and vendor surveillance that ensures the quality and timely delivery of key components in the manufacturing industry production process.

As a trusted partner for our clients, Altech is proficient in source, shop, and third-party inspections that enhance quality while safeguarding their operations. Vendor locations included the states of CA, IN, ID, NY, NC, PA & SC as well as the countries of Mexico & Canada.

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For Our Clients

As a nationwide leader in the transit inspection and surveillance industry, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations setting us apart from our competition. Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled and knowledgeable inspectors have a clear understanding of expectations and perform independent, unbiased reviews while surveying our clients’ work.

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Offering a Full Realm of Support

Altech Is Your Expert Source For:

  • Vendor Surveillance
  • In-Service Inspections Services
  • Technical Audits
  • Supply Chain Management

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Our Process

We bring extensive transit inspection and vendor surveillance experience and a continuously high level of performance with our committed and motivated teams. Once we have determined a client’s range of needs, we hand-select the ideal team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals to deliver excellence on even the most demanding inspections or surveillance projects.


Utilizing Our Expertise

Hudson Bergen Light Rail Maintenance

Engineering & integration

Hudson Bergen Light Rail Maintenance

Jersey City, NJ

DART Retrofit 115 C Cars

Engineering & integration

DART Retrofit 115 C Cars

Dallas, TX

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