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Location, Location, Location! It has a direct impact on the available talent pool and the overall cost of doing business for any company. At Altech, we provide comprehensive and innovative real estate services for clients in all aspects of the transit industry from the expansion of existing facilities to acquiring new locations.

With access to an extensive network of Real Estate professionals, you can trust our keen understanding of the real estate market as it relates to the transit industry.

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On Your Turn-Key Real Estate Needs

Whether your organization has grown out of its old space or is looking to relocate employees, Altech specializes in all aspects of corporate real estate and relocation services. We partner nationally to assist our clients with all their real estate needs and can help your organization develop a world-class strategy for managing your portfolio.

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Offering a Full Range of Support

Altech Is Your Expert Source For:

  • Representation for the Tenant, Landlord, Buyer, or Seller
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Employee Relocation
  • Transaction Services
  • Portfolio Consultation

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Our Process

Touching on all classes of property from land to buildings, Altech spends time evaluating your current situation as well as your future growth goals to provide strategic possibilities.


Utilizing Our Expertise

DART Retrofit 115 C Cars

Engineering & integration

DART Retrofit 115 C Cars

Dallas, TX

Hudson Bergen Light Rail Maintenance

Engineering & integration

Hudson Bergen Light Rail Maintenance

Jersey City, NJ

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