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Valley Metro 50-Car LRV Final Assembly

And Maintenance Program


Transitioning into a maintenance phase

ALTECH was involved in both the final assembly contract for 50 LRVs (2007-2008), as well as the ongoing maintenance program (2009-2011). The final assembly portion required staffing of all electrical-mechanical technicians, QA inspectors, function testers, mechanics and administrative support.

ALTECH helped transform a 55-employee technician crew working day hours into a 24/7/365 maintenance team. ALTECH understands the extreme importance of maintaining a high level of employee commitment and satisfaction with each project which benefits the project and the client.

Valley Metro Transit Authority, Phoenix, AZ

Annual Ridership: 66 million

Project Timeline: 2007 – 2008 final assembly, 2009-2011 ongoing maintenance program

Our work continued to evolve and included:

Quality Benchmarks Exceeded

ALTECH met or exceeded the following benchmarks.

Average Time to hire
Retention Rate
Fill rate
Submission per hire

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