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Vendor Surveillance Services

Field Services

Altech provides online QA/QC support through a dedicated group of QA/QC inspectors that perform on-site product inspections, PSIs, First Article Inspections, and production documentation. Field auditors are responsible to document non-conformance and corrective actions and auditors review materials and supply chain management, quality, and workmanship.


Inspecting and Testing Solutions

Altech provides field QA/QC inspectors to inspect, test, and release components to OEM manufacturing plants.

Vendor Surveillance Services
Location: Columbus, OH
Project Timeline: Ongoing since 2012

Our work included:

  • First Article Inspections
  • Pre-Shipment Inspections
  •  QA Audits and Documentation
  •  Manage and report on key production performance indicators
  •  Identify corrective actions as needed and monitor conformance.
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