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WMATA Communication

Equipment Commissioning

ALTECH provides dynamic staffing services to support all facets of field service and final acceptance of equipment on this project. Personnel includes engineering, field modifications, administrative, and documentation. All technical issues are identified in a timely manner and work orders are developed to assure quality standards.

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Meeting Diverse Staffing Needs

Altech met the challenge of staffing for a wide range of technical levels and expertise to complete the client’s project on time.

WMATA Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.

Total Rail Ridership: 182 million trips annually

Project Timeline: Ongoing, beginning in 2014

Our scope of work included:

  • Staffing and support for field services and final acceptance of equipment
  • ALTECH personnel follow customer- generated work procedures for documentation and TA requirements
  • ALTECH takes extra care in meeting all technical and document control requirements


ALTECH continually meets all requirements for this ongoing engagement.

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