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WMATA Subway

Car Rehab Commissioning

ALTECH provided final acceptance services at the WMATA site to address all open items on railcars arriving from our client facility in Hornell, New York. The team was exposed to a challenging work schedule in order to return rehabbed railcars to service.


Comprehensive Work/Challenging Schedule

WMATA Transit System: Final acceptance of overhauled subway cars for WMATA.
Scope of work handled function testing and corrective action for final sign off by WMATA.
Location: Alexandria, VA
Term: Jan 2004 – 2009

Our scope of work included:

  • Staffing and support for field services and final acceptance of equipment
  • ALTECH personnel follow customer- generated work procedures for documentation and TA requirements
  • ALTECH takes extra care in meeting all technical and document control requirements


ALTECH met or exceeded the following benchmarks for the Subway Care Rehabilitation Project.

Retention Rate
Average Time to
Submission Per
Fill Rate

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