Project Management - Altech Services Inc.
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Project Management

  • Field Modifications
  • Field Service
  • Warranty Fulfillment
  • OEM Installations
  • Data Downloads
  • Data Collection
  • Repairs
  • Retrofits

We make your project goals our own to help you produce on-time delivery and and on-budget results.

As project managers, we use our skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team.

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end time, and therefore, defined scope and resources.  We are a team comfortable with change and complexity in dynamic environments and understand how to work with personnel from different organizations and across multiple geographies effortlessly.

We have a broad and flexible toolkit of techniques to resolve complex and interdependent activities into tasks and sub-tasks that are documented, monitored and controlled. We adapt our approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that no “one size” can fit a variety of projects.

We expertly manage on-time delivery and on-budget results. To accomplish this we apply knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques that adhere to approved Field Modification Instructions (FMI) and Engineering Change Notices (ECN) to meet the project requirements. We initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close “turn-key” solutions. We draw on a cumulative 90 plus years of industry knowledge, integration, scope of work, time management, cost management, safety, quality, procurement (material availability), human resources, communications, risk management, documentation, data collection, and stakeholder management.

We cultivate in our team members people skills needed to develop trust and communication among all of a project’s stakeholders: its sponsors, those who will make use of the project’s results, and those who command the resources needed.